Charm of Light. English

Dorota Brewczyńska

The Charm of


The charm of light so I once titled the exhibition of my works. It is because the light is their co-author. The effect depends on the time of day, season of the year. Another element that determines the reception and diffusion of color is the structure of the glass. It happens that I paint one motif several times on glass with different structures.

My adventure with experimenting with stained glass paints has been going on for over thirty years. Recently, I’ve been painting on fusing glass, which is also fascinating, because each piece of glass after firing changes uniquely. These are mainly small formats. However, I also have several large-format projects on my account – doors, windows, glass walls, large paintings on glass.

The use of stained glass paints also gives the opportunity to decorate utility objects, which is also fascinating. I give a „second life” to bottles that become vases, jars that change into lanterns, glass plates that change their style, etc.

If you are interested in ordering or purchasing my works, please contact me by e-mail.

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